360 Viewer and 3D Configurator

Your 3D model configurator plugin for your webshop or website

The 360 Viewer is a separate plugin for you to integrate into your e-Commerce platform of even use it in plain HTML. So you can have a 3D configurator on your webshop or website.

You have full control over the look and feel.

Uses the products and attributes you already have in your webshop.

It will display the configured 3D models in the 360 Viewer where you want it.

For your webshop

A lot of our clients already have a great webshop and just want to add the 3D configurator to it. Well, now you can with the 360 Viewer. Just take our JavaScript applet and integrate it in your webshop.

We read the product and the options and display the correct 3D model in the viewer. You have full control over the products and the options, while we make sure the 3D model is correctly matched with your products and their options.

For photorealistic 3D models, we need to set a lot of parameters. This takes a lot of know-how and expertise. That is why we will do this for you.

More information? Just contact us.

For your website

What if you have a website, build on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3 or any other CMS platform. No problem, you can also use our 360 Viewer Module. Use the JavaScript version, but you probably would like our HTML version better.

This also means that if you have a plain HTML website, our HTML version of the 360 Viewer Module will work as well.

We will implement the 3D model and options for you. These will be available for you to style exactly as you want on the front-end of your website.

The Golf Putter below is an example to see how easy it is to integrate the HTML version.

Of course without CSS styling as you can see.

For your clients

Want to offer this solution to your own clients? We will help you set up the products and options, to implement the 360 Viewer and API to seamlessly integrate into your website or webstore you want to build for your clients.

We will integrate the 3D models for you, so you have a guaranteed photorealistic end result. Our extensive knowledge of 3D modeling and know-how of materials, reflectiveness, color settings, and lighting will make sure you always get the best possible result.

On all Platforms, WooCommerce, Magento and all others

The 360 Viewer Module supports all CMS website and webshop platforms. As an indication, the top 15 of the 1 million most popular e-Commerce websites by platform as compiled by Alexa.com.

Top 15

Rank Platform Platform Domains
1 WooCommerce 16.205 19%
2 Magento 15.923 19%
3 Shopify 9.150 11%
4 Prestashop 5.826 7%
5 OpenCart 3.023 4%
6 IBM Websphere Commerce 2.425 3%
7 Virtuemart 1.941 2%
8 BigCommerce 1.510 2%
9 SAP Hybris 1.415 2%
10 osCommerce 1.249 1%
11 Squarespace Online Stores 1.244 1%
12 Salesforce Commerce Cloud 107 1%
13 IBM Websphere 827 1%
14 Shopware 807 1%
15 Avangate 669 1%

This list rankings vary through time. Data from January 2018. For most recent listings and other segmentations per country see Datanyze.com.

Full Service

We take care of your 3D. Our 360 Viewer Modules call our servers to get all the data needed to display a photorealistic 3D model with all the options, colors, materials and textures. So you don’t need all this knowledge of making 3D models, making these 3D models realistic. Setting lighting, environment, shadows and much more. Making surfaces reflective and setting the reflectiveness. Making materials and textures sized right, feel realistic when zoomed out or really closely zoomed in.

Our knowledge of 3D is vast and extensive, for you to use and make sure you always get the best result.

Want to calculate a quote?

3D model creation

If you or your client does not already have 3D models of the products, we can help. With simple pictures of the product, we can create the 3D models from scratch. Like sculptors, our 3D model specialists make the products in 3D software. And it’s actually an art to make a 3D model feel real. It has to be less perfect, strangely enough. Edges should not be straight, they are always slightly rounded. And they set the areas that will be able to change according to the product options, colors and other attributes.

3D model integration

Even if you or your client has the 3D models of the products, we still need to rework them to be able to implement them in our solution. We set the areas with their options. We make them realistic and minimize them for faster loading times. And we set the lighting, shadows. Set the surface reflection. Every surface always reflects light. In the same way that we set the color balance. Because there is no pure white or pure black in reality. As you can see there are a lot of factors to take into account, to have a good, photorealistic end result.

Materials, colors, and textures

The 3D model is also very much dependent on the colors, materials and the textures that are on the 3D model. These are also made and set up by us. Materials and textures may need to be made seamless, they need a mapping to display right on the 3D model. And they may have a bumpy or coarse feel and surface. All these attributes need to be applied to these materials and textures. Only once and they will load always correctly. But it’s a very precise job that has to be done well.

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Call the API

The 360 Viewer Module is connected to our servers through the API. On our servers, we keep all your products, subsequent 3D models, materials, colors, and textures. In this way, the 360 Viewer Module can call the right product to display in the viewer.

And we also have other solutions that use this same API and the same products, 3D models, materials, colors, and textures. We have the Augmented Reality Viewer as an extension on the 360 Viewer Module. But also, the 360 Designtool can use the API to start drawing with the 3D models and place multiple 3D models in an endless space.

The 360 Product Viewer solutions, options and features

Select the module that is right for you. Or let us build the entire solution and get the Full Version.

360 Viewer Module AR Viewer Module VR Viewer Module Full Version
3D visualization Module
Shows products in 3D
3D Configurable
Change Colors
Change Textures
Change 3D Shapes
HTML support
CPQ Product Options Module
Colors and Textures Module
PDF Generator Module
API Data Exchange Module
Data Analytics
Reseller Program
Design Tool Stand Alone Optional Optional Optional Optional
Design Tool Cart Connected Optional
Offer Module Optional
MR HoloLens Module Optional
Own Design
Own Implementation
Full Magento Webstore
3D model integration Priced per model Priced per model Priced per model Priced per model
Options Integration Priced per model Priced per model Priced per model Priced per option


Zwijndrecht, Rotterdam 
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Zwijndrecht, Rotterdam 
The Netherlands

3D Production


3D Production


3D Production


3D Production


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