To support our growth, we are always interested to get into contact with investors that have similar interests to further develop the 360 Product Viewer solution platform.

The platform has quite the reach, seen from the inquiries we get from all over the world. And clients we have from Asia, to Europe, to the Americas. 

And we are building to get the platform accessible to our clients to integrate further on product information, data sharing and data analytics. 

We do R&D

In the past years we have developed many solid products and solutions. But we have many more ideas to bring the digital and virtual product to all the corners of the internet. Next is the Virtual Reality Viewer. And after that the Mixed Reality HoloLens. And together with our DesignTool we will be able to place one or multiple 3D objects in any space or environment.

But also, the products we have now can be extended to have more features to help the user experience products like never before. There is still a lot for us to explore!

 Interested in the options? Just get in to contact with us.

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360 Product Viewer

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