Show your customers all possible configurations of your digital product, with photorealistic 3D models. 
They will see what they buy directly on the web, without any plugins.

They can see the price of their configuration and when ready, they place their own configurations in the shoppingcart and check-out.

This will save your company a lot of time creating orders for complex products, not to mention the money you’ll save in error reduction!

Product configuration with photorealistic 3D models

We use photorealistic 3D models for our configurations. They are shown directly on the web without any plugins. You can show all possible options, colours, materials and textures your product has to offer.

Configure the model with all it’s possible options

The 3D model will change realtime when you select different options. In this example you can choose the fabric colour, the shell colour, the frameholder colour and the wood colour for the legs.

View your 3D product from all angles

While you customize your product, you can view it from all angles. Just move your mouse to the 3D viewer, click your right or left mouse button and move it around. By turning the mouse wheel you are able to zoom in and out.

Save a picture of your configuration or go full screen

You can view your configuration in full screen and save a picture of your configuration in the angle you choose.
Just click the buttons below the 3D product viewer.

Full screen view of your customized product

View your customized product from all angles in full screen mode.

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